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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Queen of the Hot Tub

It starts early with this one.
Usually by breakfast.
"Mommy, I go hot tub?"

Then usually once again while we are on the beach.
"Mommy, I go hot tub, pleeeeease?"

And then at lunch.
"Hot tub time, Mommy?"

Because while she enjoys the sand and surf just fine...

this girl seriously loves her some hot tub time.

And she's not only about the fun either.
She'll work to make sure it's in top form for her enjoyment later that day.

And when you are a tiny thing like she is, you can get in some swim practice too.

They are calling for temps in the low 90's here today.
But I suspect this one will still be asking for her hot tub time.


  1. Hot tub? That's it. I'm coming over.

  2. This one certainly has her priorities straight!!! Way to go Lia - wish I were there to enjoy it with you, because the hot tub is more my speed!!!!!


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