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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lesson Learned

Swim season is upon us.
Lots of practicing.
Lots and lots of time spent at the pool.
Lots and lots and lots of pictures of cute kids enjoying 90 degree weather by splashing the day away.

Unfortunately, all those pictures are being held hostage by my Smart phone.
Which makes me feel really stupid.  Not smart.

I was very interested to see how Lily would do at the pool.
Before it opened we would ask her if she'd ever been swimming before.
Had she been in a pool?
Had she ever seen a pool?

At the time we had that conversation, all we got from her were gestures that simulated drowning.
Not good.

But these first few days have been great.
She's all over that pool, looking adorable with floaties on each arm, goggles, and a swim ring around her waist.
And silly me, I thought she'd be happy with that for the duration of the summer.
Just to get her acclimated and all.
And then next summer....

Oh no.
No, no, no.
This is Lily we're talking about.

She's watched Caroline and Michael have tune up lessons for swim team.
She's watched Alex do lessons with his age group...the pre-swim team swim team.
And in her mind she's ready.
So she asks me.

But I've gone down this road before.
If certain skills aren't in place, lessons are like throwing your money away aren't very effective.
And as of 6:00 this evening, she wasn't going under the water.

Until I told her that once she was able to go underwater..
without holding her nose...
then we'd see about lessons.

And by 6:15, the child was diving for rings on the bottom of the pool.

Swim lessons start June 6.

Parenting lessons, on the other hand, are ongoing.


  1. I L.O.V.E. when kids prove us wrong!

  2. That girl gives new meaning to the term "go-getter":) Love her ambition and it's amazing to think what she's going to go after next!! We're missing y'all in small group. Hope things are going well.

  3. Lily is so amazing! She always "dives" right into to Childrens Worship too! I just love watching her in there.

  4. LOVE IT!!! Reminds me of what a wonderful and wise lady (Mom Maw Bertie) once told me...'Be careful what you promise a kid, it may come back to bite you'!!!! Especially your kids!! Love you!!

  5. ~What a spunky little spirit she's got!~ That's going to take her far in life. Have a great Memorial weekend!

  6. So funny! She's determined, alright! She's going to use that will to go places in life. ;)


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