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Friday, June 17, 2011

A First

He'd waited for this moment for a long, long time.
The day that he graduated from the "Happy Hippos" to become an official swim team member.
Swimming in the big leagues now.
Otherwise known as the "6 and unders."
And this week he had his first real swim meet.

He'd practiced all week for his event...the 25 freestyle.
And his coaches worked him ragged...
"Alex get off the wall."
"Alex, off the lane line."
"Alex, kick."
"Alex, swim."
And when the time came, he was ready.
Starting off with a healthy dose of carbs.
Followed by just a few more carbs.
And rounding it out with, you guessed it, more carbs.
Washing it all down with plenty of fluids.
Tough-guy tattoo was properly positioned ...
A little friendly conversation with the competition....
And then he was in the zone.
He received a  few final words from the coaches...
And then it was game on.
He positioned himself on the block...
And a historical moment was poorly recorded for all posterity.
(I've since learned that it is ridiculously hard to simultaneously enjoy the moment while taping the moment...)

After his highlight-reel worthy performance, he was greeted by throngs of fans..

And of course...

...more carbs.


  1. Yay Alex! Way to go, we're proud of you! Congrats buddy

  2. Great Job Alex...very proud of you!!! Love the tattoo. Keep up the good work. Love You!!!!


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