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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Trip to the OT

Took Lily to see the occupational therapist last week for an evaluation.

She had a blast.


If only every doctor's visit could be this fun.

My favorite moment of the appointment came when the therapist asked Lily to string several beads onto a shoelace.
Not usually a big deal, but this particular test was timed.
And the time was so limited that she forewarned Lily, "It's a lot harder than it seems."

"Most kids," she told her, "only get 2 or 3 beads strung before time runs out."

Mmmm hmmm I thought to myself.
It's on now.

And it certainly was.

When all was said and done she had strung 5 beads and scored a fine motor age equivalency of 19 years.

19 years.

If you ask me, kids like her bring a whole new meaning to the term "special" needs.


  1. Congratulations Miss Lily!!! Love the pictures, just seeing that smile makes my day. She is just showing others what we already know...Lily is very special!!!!!!! Love You little girl, hope to see everyone soon.

  2. That has been our exact experience with our Ruthie. She has a bilateral hand "deformity" but her preschool teacher says she has the best fine motor skills in the class. Isn't it amazing to see how well they adapt. I call it redefining normal. I know Ruthie has taught me so much through her adaptability. I am glad to see you guys are doing so well.

  3. Oh that's awesome! Great job Lily!

  4. This OT says GO LILY! Cannot wait to meet her! Adaptability it a wonderful thing. I guess they said she didn't need services then huh?

  5. Lily is beautiful--love the dress and hair-do! You go girl!
    Grandma to 5 (2 from China)

  6. Wow! She's amazing!!!! Truly!

    Happy Mother's Day Angela!

  7. Lily is simply beautiful!! Thank you Jesus for her life!!


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