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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Growing Up So Fast...

Thirteen years, fifty weeks, and four days ago (but really, who's counting?) we dressed this sweet little bug in a Pooh-bear onesie, wrapped him in a matching blanket, and prepared to make that life-changing journey from the security of the hospital to our home.

And I marveled at how much cuteness could be found in such a tiny bundle.


Tonight I helped him get dressed once again.
Straightening his tie.
Adjusting his coat.
Preparing for his eighth grade graduation.

And though the bundle had grown about 5 and a half feet since that trip home from the hospital,
I still marveled at his cuteness.

And his humor.

For example...
This afternoon we were all in the car for a long time.
A very long time.
And one of the backseat passengers was voicing their complaint of just how long they had been in the backseat.

So in an act of bribery a moment of compassion, I offered said child one of the bread sticks that we had just picked up for dinner....
If they would , you know, learn to find joy in their backseat suffering for the duration of our trip.

When I reappeared in the driver's seat, my soon-to-be-high schooler, fresh from his history exam says...

"Did you just appease her?  'Cause they tried that with Hitler you know.
 In World War II.
Gave him some land.  Thought that would make him go away.
Next thing you know he's all over Poland."

Comparing my parenting skills to one of the greatest political oversights of the 20th century?
Just what I need.

But goodness he's a funny kid.

And though I dearly miss that little bundle that we brought home the hospital years ago,
I am so enjoying the young man that he is growing up to be.

And I can't wait to see what kind of parenting advice I'll get during his high school years.


  1. Too funny. And love that last picture! You look so proud!!

  2. No he didn't...
    I'm looking forward to his future advice too. I'm sure I'll smile with you.
    Happy 8th grade graduation!

  3. Hahaha....that's so neat. I just love his spirit! What a joy!

  4. Happy Birthday! Sounds like such a fun guy!


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