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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

And then...

And then there was one.
One last recital post.

My piano man.

I have no problem driving him around town to lessons.
Or reminding him to practice.
Day after day.
Week in and week out.

'Cause the boy's got mad skills.
Mad skills, I tell you.
(In my very humble, completely unbiased, mother-of-this-my-first-born-child opinion.)

Now, if I could only get him to make his bed....


  1. Great Job Michael...I am not even amazed any more at all you can do!!!!! Wish I were there..I would gladly make your bed!!! Love ya!!

  2. Ummm.... wow! He does have mad piano skills! Enjoyed all 3 of your recital clips.

  3. Angela, they all did so great! This must have been a proud mommy moment for you. Beautiful job!

  4. Just listened to all of your very talented pianists! Thank you for sharing their songs.


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