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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Today I had to take Lily in to have some lab work done.

Except for the TB test they did in China, this was my first experience with her and a needle.

She climbed up in the chair, took one look at the needle and attached tubing and started to wave her hand and shake her head "no."  Big tears welled up in her eyes and dropped onto her lap. 

Oh goodness.  What to say?

I tried to explain that it was only going to be one stick and that was all.  She just needed to keep still and it would be over before she knew it.

And then I played the Mom card.

"Ice cream.  You name it.  Strawberry milkshake?  M&M? Peanut butter fudge?  When we're all done we are heading straight for ice cream."

She nodded, wiped her tears, and then said, "I want BIG one."

You got it girl.  After 8 vials of blood, you can have whatever you want.

When we arrived home, it turns out there was a little surprise waiting for her in the mailbox, too.

Her "Panda Bear, Panda Bear" book had arrived.

And by the end of the milkshake she was back to true "Lily" form.
I really wish she would learn to loosen up a bit. 


  1. we pull that mom card all the time too- like every 3 months! works really well too!
    she is just way too cute!

  2. I love to see her hamming it up for the camera!

    We have had quite a bit of ice cream around here too lately, perhaps a little too much. I asked Sylvie this morning what she wanted for breakfast and she responded without missing a beat "ice cream cake please".

  3. Oh how I miss seeing that face across the dinner table!!

  4. So cute! I keep thinking how we are a bunch of introverts and aren't likely to ever have a super extroverted child....then I thought of Lily! Guess there's a chance after all, huh?

  5. She is so adorable! If they came after my Avery wanting 8 vials of blood, I'd have to just knock her (or myself) out cold! There aren't enough milkshakes in the world!

  6. We pulled the milkshake card too! Worked for us! Trying to convince a child that 10 vials of blood is no big deal isnt easy. Sometimes we gotta do what we gotta do! Boy I love that girls smile!

  7. After we brought Lia home ice cream is what got us through many days. It also helped to put a little meat on her bones prior to heart surgery. Your sweetie has the cutest little smile!

  8. She is so darn cute even with blood loss!!!

  9. That is too funny!!
    Mostly about what you said, "I wish she would loosen up a bit."

    You made me laugh out loud.
    She is so sweet.
    Thanks for the smile!!

  10. What a ham she is! So glad that a milkshake and book could make up for the stick! I dread those dreaded shots and blood draws myself!

  11. So glad to know you played the "MOM CARD". What would we do without it? I love her pictures and "attitude" she presents with some of them. I hope she will let me take some of those pictures next time I come. Give her a big hug from Nana and tell her she was most deserving of her milkshake. Love to all, Mom

  12. Oh poor baby girl! I've always held my children on my lap when getting blood work done until we had one amazing Tech play "Eye Spy" with my oldest! That's all we do now for blood work (which can be often around here).


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