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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Opening Day

The weather on Saturday was more suited for the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field than for spring ball.

Nevertheless, it was Opening Day and the "Green Dragons" were ready to hit the field.

This was our little slugger's first year with a pitching machine.

He was 2 for 2 despite coming off IR after suffering from a case of severly frozen fingers....

After some intricate base running instructions ("Stop!  Now go!  OK, Stop! Now go!"), he was able to make it all the way home after one of his at bats.

Spectators braved the frigid temperatures to watch their hero play ball...

And some paid extra, for choice seating...

And though he's in the big leagues now, our hero never fails to remember his fans...
In his post-game interview, when asked what he enjoyed most about Opening Day against the Tigers...

...he responded in typical Alex-fashion...
"Snack time."

That's my boy.



  1. Good job Alex...Very proud of you...and your fans!!! We have 3 inches of snow least you didn't have to play in that!!

  2. Ha! That's always the highlight of soccer with our boys too!

  3. Alex, what a great job! Looks like he had a great time. I'm sure you had just as much fun watching him.


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