Faith is deliberate confidence in the character of God whose ways you may not understand at the time ~Oswald Chambers

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Snapshot {My Alex}

My Alex.
Five years ago, you entered our lives like a pint-size hurricane and haven't slowed down one bit since.

You are always on the move.  Always.

In fact, many days I feel like we are The Family Circus and you are my little Jeffey always moving  from point A to point B in a maze of dotted lines all over the funny papers.

And not only do you give 100% physically, you give 100% emotionally.
We are either on the mountain top or in the valley.
But we're learning to find the middle ground.
Like when I snapped this telling shot.
You were not happy about the fact that we were going to walk around the park before going to get some dinner.
Because as I recall, you were "starfing to def."
But when asked to conform to my plans, you gave it your best and mustered up this "smile" for the camera.
I appreciate the effort, big guy.

When asked what you want to be when you grow up, the answer never changes:  a baseball player.
But if that doesn't pan out, you have a back up plan.
"I guess I'll just stay here," you say of your home.  "'Cause I just like it here."
Good to know.
Starting kindergarten this year made me a little nervous.  Would you be able to sit still long enough to focus on our work?  Or was I going to have to invent an aerobics phonics program?

Boy was I surprised when you not only gave me your attention, you asked to do more!

But it wasn't too long before, in typical Alex fashion, you approached me one night and said, "Hey Mom, I think I'm going to skip school tomorrow.  It's my fall break."

Nice try, big fella.

I love to look in my rear view mirror and see you rocking out to Newsboys, Audio Adrenaline or a little DC Talk.

If there's a gene for coolness, you own it.

In fact, I think you might be the only five year old I know who has his own theme song.

"Wherever We Go (That's Where the Party's At) by Newsboys.

Really, what else would it be?

You are growing up so fast.  It seems like only yesterday when I found you, at the ripe old age of 2, standing on a chair at my kitchen counter waiting for your toast (that you had made yourself) to pop out of the toaster.

I must say I was impressed.

A nervous wreck over what else you might attempt, but impressed nonetheless.

I always like to imagine what you might have been had you lived at any other time in history.

A Spartan soldier?

A warrior chief?

One of David's mighty men of valor?

But you weren't born at any other time.  You are here now.

And I am eagerly awaiting to see the plan God has for the rest of your action-packed days while thanking Him continually that He saw fit to intersect your precious life with mine.

Ni Hao Y'all


  1. AMEN!!! So well said Ang. Love you little guy - You add so much to each life you touch, and we are so proud to be touched by you. Love, Grandma

  2. What a handsome little whirlwind you have.

    Erika B

  3. What a handsome little boy Alex is. I am sure he is conquering Kindergarten just fine :) He you never know - maybe he will be an evangelizing Baseball Player - who plays in a band in the off season!

  4. Angela- I LOVE how you love your family. It's always a joy and encouragement to stop by your blog!

  5. Angela,
    I feel like I know Alex so much better now from this snapshot of him. Wonderful photos of a darling little guy!

  6. What an amazing little guy you have!

    His smile is quite engaging!



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