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Sunday, July 11, 2010


After a month's hiatus from blogging, I recently saw my last post and realized that many of you may think that potty training had done me in.

Not at all.

It's simply that on Day 1 without diapers, we went 0 for 3 and decided to wait until things settled down a bit and we were actually able to be home bound for a few days before starting again.

One month later, I've come to the realization that "settled down" is a myth (at least around here). Whatever happened to summer vacation anyway????

So tomorrow,with a little break in the calendar, it's "game on" and we are hitting the ground running (although I hope not in a literal sense) one more time.

Stay tuned...success stories to come.


  1. You can do it sweet little Lia, I know you can!
    Sending positive potty training vibes your way!

  2. With her back pack of books she is on her way...wonder where she gets that idea from??? Love that picture!!


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