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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Adoption Update: She Knows :)

Last week, we sent a list of questions (via our agency) to the social worker who is affiliated with the orphanage of our sweet girl.

Didn't know when (or if!) we would get any response.

Not only did we get the answers to all our questions (within 24 hours no less!) but we got to read these precious words from little Miss Long Pingli herself (who was at the computer when her foster mom was writing us back):

Her foster mom wrote: Here are some words Long Pingli want to say to her new parents:

Hello Daddy and Mommy, thanks for giving me a family,I am so happy to have parents.I want to see you,I want to go home as early as possible.

We found out so many things about her! Here are a few highlights:

1. Her favorite colors are pink, yellow, green, and red.

2. She enjoys riding bikes (a pink one!), drawing, playing with Barbies, building blocks and stickers.

3. She LOVES McDonald's , Kentucky Fried Chicken (won't be long before she's a Chick-Fil-A fan I'm guessing), candy, and fruit.

4. She also knew she was going to be adopted and was very happy about that.

And according to her foster mom, she is a warm, affectionate, hard-working (and obviously much-loved) little girl.

We also learned that the name she goes by is Lili (love that!) and is similar to Lily. We want to keep that for her and are in "discussions" on how to make it all work :)

We are still amazed that we were able to communicate with her like we did and hope that we can do it again in the future.

What a blessing we received in this long, long, long process!


  1. It's so great that you got to "talk" to her! I just googled the meaning of Lily and it's "innocence, beauty and purity". Sounds like a good fit!

  2. What a precious blessing for you to already be able to communicate your love to your beautiful girl!
    Praying it won't be long before you are talking face to face...

  3. That is awesome!! What a tremendous gift for the both of you to be able to do that!! Love it!

  4. I just read your wonderful blog about our new granddaughter. What a joy and such excitement for you and all of us. God is Good!!!! Love to all of you! Mom and Dad


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