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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wild at Heart...

...the phrase that so accurately describes this man-child who is spending his last day as a 4 year old.

This week we've spent our mornings at the pool and he has shown me just a glimpse of what the future holds for me as the mother of this thrill-seeker.

He is fearless. In his mind, there is no height too high or stunt too dangerous.

And what amazes me is the things that he can do with his body. His daddy says he's just one big muscle. And that's pretty much true. Anyone who has wrestled with him will testify to that.

And then there are the flips he is now doing off the side of the pool. We've talked about how concrete and skulls don't mix. We've talked about Humpty Dumpty (who he argues was put back together with duct tape), but still he is undaunted and unafraid.

There's just something about his spirit that will always be adventurous.

And though there is that wild side, there's the tender side too.
The side that adores his little sister (that is of course when he is not in direct competition with his little sister. That is a different story).

I love looking at life through his eyes and watching how he lives out each moment: with zeal, determination and pure joy.


  1. My 5 year old son is the exact same way. It is that "Adventure to Live" that is so fun to watch. I love this last picture and how proud of himself he is.

  2. If you only knew how relieved I am to read that someone else is raising a true "Wild at Heart" boy...
    Happy last day of being four little Alex!

  3. I cringe just looking at those pictures...maybe you could stress the skull and concrete thing again!!!Give him hugs and kisses from us..and I will call him tomorrow. Love You Alex, Happy Birthday!!!!

  4. Angie, I am a little afraid to think of Alex in our pool this year. I think I will hire a Life Guard. He is so daring but so cute. I think I will buy a helmet for the flips. Tell All Hi from Nana and Granddaddy and give each one a hug and kiss. Miss you!!!!!!!!!!! Mom and Dad


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