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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Two Words...

Potty training.

With potties strategically placed all around the house we are beginning the task.

And as always, she does it with style.

Elmo backpack, turquoise bracelet, and New Testament.

So far today,though, we're 0 for 1.

Might be a long week.


  1. With four others successfully trained under your belt, you should be a pro! Good luck!

  2. This definitely brings to mind the old saying our parents had "sitting on the throne" !! Way to go princess Lia!! Good luck everyone. Love Ya!!

  3. If anyone is successful at this, you are. And with Lia's skills, she, too, will be. The key is "patience" and I know you definitely have that. Keep up the good work. Lia does everything with such style. What a cutie. Love you and miss you, Mom


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