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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Poor Little Guy

For the past 3 or 4 weeks (maybe longer, I've lost count), we've been dealing with a nasty virus that has included several days of a fever topped off with some lovely cold symptoms. Today, Alex ended up at the doctor's office with a double ear infection and was not shy in letting everyone there know how miserable he felt. Lia, being the sympathetic little sister, had to chime in as well, just so that he wouldn't be the only one wailing. It was fun, as you might imagine.

This hard experience for our "little tough guy" has prompted him to think about all those things in his 3 year-old life that are unpleasant. So throughout the day he's been telling me (in his own way) that he would like to clear his calendar (indefinitely) of the following injustices: swimming lessons, haircuts, baths, and naps. Just before bed tonight, he tried to add "using the bathroom" to the list but some things just aren't negotiable.

The amoxicillan seems to be starting to work on his ear infection. Too bad they don't make an antibiotic for everything else that ails him.


  1. Hi Awex, hope you fell better soon

  2. I can just about feel his displeasure with being under the weather from the top picture! Poor little guy!

  3. Poor Alex! Get well soon, Buddy!!!


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