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Monday, May 4, 2009

The Many Faces of Lia

Well, it was another rainy day around here (shocking, I know), so the girls and I took turns trying to capture some of Lia's very silly expressions. Here are a few:

The "happy banana face"

The "angry banana face"

The "I need more banana NOW face"
The "ultimate fighter face" complete with chin abrasion and bandage

Actually, the spot on her chin is where she has a patch of terrible eczema and we're trying to figure out how to treat it.

"Mommy's little prayer warrior face"...I like this one the best. It's been very sweet to watch her learn to pray.

Until next time...peace out :)


  1. What sweet faces and a precious darling little girl.

  2. The prayer warrior is by far the sweetest, but the "More banana NOW face" brings back so many memories of when we first got home with Caleb and he ate bananas by the bunch!

  3. She is SOOO cute!!! I love the faces!


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