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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

At the Park

Lauren asked if she could walk Alex and Lia over to the park across the street from our house this afternoon. I thought for about a nano-second and said, "Sure."

I let them have some time together before I wandered over (camera in hand, just in case...) and saw she was doing a great job being this mother's little helper.

Lia getting a little exercise

Still learning how to master those stairs though :)

Everybody pile on Lauren!

Off to his next adventure...Alex-style

Off to her next adventure...Lia-style
Getting by with a little help from big sis

Someone got tired of me taking pictures...guess who it was?

Lia, on the other hand, has added a new word to her vocabulary...."cheese!"

And another day at the park comes to an end.


  1. Can I borrow her sommetime? Are you sure you can't move closer to us?

  2. Hi Lauren,What a super sweet helper you make and with such love.I am certain Mom really appreciates all you do. I know Caroline does a great job, too, as well as your other siblings. Keep up the good work - you know I am getting older each day and am looking forward to you "taking me to the park someday". I not sure it will be in a wagon, however. Just Kidding. Love you, Nana


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