Faith is deliberate confidence in the character of God whose ways you may not understand at the time ~Oswald Chambers

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

She Did It Anyway...

I asked her not to.
Begged is more like it.
Just wasn't sure I could handle another one.

With her big brother now eligible for driver's ed.
And her older sister on the brink of teen-dom.

A mother can only take so much growing up in a short amount of time.

But she couldn't help herself.
She had to.
Just had to go and turn...sigh...10.

It was the next milestone on her list.
And if there's one thing to know about Caroline, it's that she always checks off her list.

In His wisdom, it's how He made her.
She has things to do and she gets them done.

And also in His wisdom, he placed her right smack dab in the middle of my big kids and my little ones.
Third out of six.
Because He knew that's where I needed her to be.

She speaks my love language.
And nearly brings me to tears.
"Mommy, I feel like cleaning.  Do you mind if I do the dishes?"
Oh child.

She can manage a house (kids included) better than me.
Oh my, did He ever know that I needed a Caroline.

Her world has been turned upside down a few times over the past decade.
With that comes a lot of growing.
And because of it she is wise beyond her years in many ways.

Most definitely wise beyond her years.
And us?
We are blessed beyond measure.

Happy 10th birthday sweet Carly Grace.
We pray today (and every day) that you know just how much you are loved.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET GIRL.....Beautiful post for a beautiful - very special young lady. Your post brought back such precious memories, so as I sit here reading it again with tears of joy streaming down my face I wish you all a wonderful day celebrating this precious child and wish we could be with you. Pop Paw and I love you so very much Sweet Carly Grace!!!!!

  2. TO A VERY SPECIAL GRANDDAUGHTER, CAROLINE. The tribute your Mom wrote is so you and we are truly blest to have God share you with us. May today be a great "10th" birthday. Just know how much we all love you and appreciate you for all you give to us. LOTS OF LOVE AND HUGS AND KISSES, NANA (YOU KNOW HOW I AM WITH THE CUDDLING SIDE.)


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