Faith is deliberate confidence in the character of God whose ways you may not understand at the time ~Oswald Chambers

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Eyes to See

On the surface it may seem like "no big deal."

A little girl in need.
A few cans of formula.
A quick online order.
And that's it.
It's how we do things around here.
No big deal. 

When I first contacted the orphanage about what type of supplies we could bring when we came, I was told that Rosie, one of their little girls, was in need of a special kind of formula.

I didn't know why it was needed.
Or what it would cost.
Or how to get it.
But I would try.

OK, I'll admit, that much, in and of itself, was a big deal.
Fundraising, organizing, attention to detail.
For some people that comes easy.
They can do stuff like that in their sleep.
But not me.
I can't even sleep in my sleep most nights.
And any ability to give attention to detail or stay organized disappeared about 3 children ago.

Still I wanted to help.
It wasn't rocket science but it did take some time and thought.
Both of which are scarce these days.

And so it began.
I searched for the formula.
Explored ways to have money donated.
Corresponded with the orphanage.
Put up a post with a way to contribute.
Made a pretty good mess of it the first go round.
Wondered if I really should be doing this at all.
Tried it again.
And waited.

In a few hours a little over $300 was given. (THANK YOU!)
When combined with other donations, that amount covered the cost of 2 cases of formula.
The order was placed yesterday.
In a few days it will arrive on my doorstep.
In a few weeks we will deliver it to Rosie.
No big deal. 


Except that it IS a big deal.
And here's why.

While corresponding with the orphanage, I learned that they are trying to stretch her current supply to last until the end of February.  
We planned our trip months ago.
We barely knew who this sweet girl was let alone her need.
But, Lord willing, we will arrive in Beijing the first weekend in March with more formula. 

It's a big deal because I don't know Rosie at all.
But Jesus does.
It's a big deal because I didn't know that the time of our visit would correspond with the time she would need more formula.
But Jesus did.
It's a big deal because I didn't know that 1 year ago, while standing in the Beijing airport, struggling with the consequences of our canceled flight and the need to spend more money on new tickets, those chain of events would allow us to go back
Because if all that hadn't happened, we probably wouldn't be going back.
At least not right now.
But Jesus knew.
He knew every last bit of it.

And through all these seemingly insignificant circumstances this is what I see.

I see the heart of a Father who delights in showing mercy to those in need and is pleased to use the weak to do so.
I see the strength of a King who holds all time and circumstances in His hands always working them for our good and His glory.
I see the compassion of a Savior who desires that we would have eyes to see His matchless grace that is put on display all around us over and over again throughout the course of our days.
And that in so seeing, we would believe that He is every bit of who He says He is and live accordingly.

Too often I rationalize away the countless works of His hands that happen right in front of me as "no big deal."
But today He gave me eyes to see.
And I believe.


  1. Love this. And it makes me love our God even more.

  2. Wow!! I also see. thanks for sharing. Only God

  3. What an awesome testimony of God's perfect timing. I am def. getting in on this and donating. Love, love, love when people share these giving opportunities on their blogs. Such a great way to get in on good stuff that needs doing. I am going to share the post about the fundraiser with some friends too. :)


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