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Saturday, January 21, 2012

How You Can Help...

There is someone that I would love for you to meet.


Rosie is one of the precious little ones who reside at the orphanage the kids and I will be visiting in early March.
And she could use our help.

A few days ago, I contacted one of the orphanage administrators to ask what supplies were most needed.
And their greatest need right now is for a special formula used by Rosie.
A special formula.
For a very special little girl.
And a unique opportunity for us to help her get what she needs.

Our hope is to purchase as much as we can and transport it with us when we travel.
A case of six containers runs about $200.
And we want to stuff our luggage with as much of it as is allowed so that sweet girl can grow into all those plans her heavenly Father has for her.

There are other supplies needed in addition to her formula.

We hope to take many of these as well.

If you'd like to help Rosie receive some of the things they need most right now, you are welcome to contribute by using the Chip In Box in the top left corner.
Or you can just contact me directly.
I'm flexible that way :)

Thank you for remembering Rosie and her friends.
And praying for them.
And loving them in this very tangible way.

"In You the orphan finds mercy.” Hosea 14:3


  1. I would love to hear about you visiting the orphanage! After adopting our Lia my husband said no more! I have such a desire to help these precious babies though and would love to go to one of the orphanages, but have no idea where to begin. Praying all goes well and you raise lots of money for the formula!

    1. suzette, find me on facebook for links to some great ways to connect with orphan care in china! "waitinginchina erika pfluke" on facebook and


  2. how wonderful that you are going!!! my son is there - joshua!! we hope to travel late spring!! :)

    "waitinginchina erika pfluke" on facebook and

  3. My little one, Elliot, is at New Day as well. I will make a donation to get ya' started :-)


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