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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Surprise

"Mommy, DON'T come into the kitchen.  I have a suhpwize for you!"

And what a surprise it was...

While perusing the cabinets this morning, he had come across an empty spray bottle, filled it, and then (dressed in the appropriate attire~or lack thereof) he had decided to "clean" my kitchen windows by squirting them with water.

And squirting, and squirting, and squirting them with water.

My, those windows haven't been that clean in quite some time.

After finishing that job, he took his work outside...per my request :)...and tried to invigorate some life into our dying basil plant.  Unfortunately, to no avail.  I miss my basil.

There is simply no lack of entertainment around here.


  1. I love Alex. And I love your fall colors outside the newly cleaned window!!!

  2. Alex, I adore you! You can come clean my windows anytime you want!
    Ms. Kristi


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