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Saturday, November 20, 2010


Last night, while talking on the phone to a family member (who shall remain nameless per their request), it was brought to my attention that some interesting pictures had been posted on my daughter's blog.

I hadn't checked her blog for a while but don't ya know I surely did before I even hung up the phone.

Here's what I saw going on in my own home, right under my own nose (or more accurately, right over my own head) without me having the slightest clue:

Does it surprise anyone that he made this jump with no pillows or any safety netting whatsover below him?

Looks like if I decided to sell them to the circus, they might make a career out of it.

Crazy kids.


  1. Oh. my!
    They are pretty talented though...

  2. No surprises here...but that sure was some great photography!!! Love you guys!!!

  3. Oh my word. Those pictures are amazing!!! Crazy stunts...and crazy-good photography!!

    Frame those for sure!

  4. I didn't think Grandma's were supposed to rat out their grandchildren...ha! ha!


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