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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Belated Boo

Last Saturday was a "boo-tiful" day and the kids enjoyed their time outside (even with a little chill in the air) carving their pumpkins...

The finished results....

Michael's haunted house
Lauren's scary face

Caroline's dragon

Alex's jolly roger

And Lia's kitty cat

Everyone was pleased as punch how their pumpkins turned out...

Then Sunday was the big day for our ladybug...
...and Jedi warrior
Once Lia got the hang of what was actually going on, she would march right up to the door with Alex saying "I knocky door.  Knock, knock, knock!"
Afterwards, the littles were more than happy to share a few pieces with the big kids who graciously held down the fort while we were walking around the neighborhood...
And a good night was had by all...

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  1. Those are some pretty impressive pumpkins! What kind of carving tools do you guys have?
    And I love Lauren's expression with a handful of pumpkin guts.


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