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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rise and Shine (Part 2)...

So as I was uploading photos for the previous post this morning, the dynamic duo were up to their usual antics again. Lia woke up and was still in the crib and Alex asked to go see her. I told him not to get her out of bed. (My little Hercules had attempted that before and although he was successful, I shudder to think how he accomplished it). Always willing to obey the letter of the law, this is how I found him (and her) when I went up a few minutes later.

She was all snuggled up with him calling him her "best buddy."

He had spread the blankets out and said they were "tablecloths" for a little breakfast in the crib, I suppose.

He even thought to bring in the comb so they could get each other ready for the day.

Don't know what the rest of the day will bring, but with these two, I'm sure it will be exciting!


  1. Oh my word, sibling love at its finest! Makes me think of my two these days!

  2. Have I told you how amazing your kids are? LOVE it! Super cute!!! Thanks for keeping the pictures going - I love staying updated!

  3. These two are so cute. You just never know what they will do next and I look forward to seeing the next set of pictures. We miss you guys.


  4. TOO CUTE! They get along so well!


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