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Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Oatmeal Dilemma

Lia has developed a love of oatmeal. I think she's probably always had it. I have just avoided offering it up until now since it always makes for a challenging way to start the day. See, Lia has mastered one character trait, independence, while still working on hand-eye coordination. This mean the kitchen gets an oatmeal bath every morning.

Now many of you may be wondering why I don't put into use one of those luxuries afforded to mothers of this generation. Surely, there's something that can be done to cut down on the mess. Perhaps. It's just that my sure-minded, strong-willed little beauty has her own opinion regarding such accessories:

High chair? Infantile.

Bib? Insulting.

Spoon-assistance? Please.

She may be the baby of the family according to her birth certificate but she is anything but a baby in attitude. When her day starts, she has chores to do, dolls to take care of, and siblings to order around.

And if she needs a bowl of oatmeal in the morning to get going, well I guess that's OK with me.


  1. Although the LOVE OF OATMEAL is not the order of the day...just a necessity, it has been made here plain, with brown sugar and cinnamon and anything else I can imagine. We are also working on coordination and use of a napkin..Enjoy, Lia...and yesterday Pop Paw wished for you to help him eat his deviled eggs. Love to All...Grandma

  2. We add blueberries to Sylvies, can you say mess that stains!

  3. Kylie is an oatmeal girl too. She takes hers with brown sugar and milk. And we eat BEFORE she gets dressed, cause sugary milk on her preschool attire doesn't make Mama happy...


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