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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Birthday Fun

Last Sunday was Caroline's 8th birthday. Here is how we spent the day celebrating her:

Before church she opened some presents...

...and took her new bike for a spin around the kitchen!

After church, she invited all of us to join her at her favorite restaurant!
And then we went to an indoor amusement park to have some fun...

Daddy was able to give Carly some pointers in how to ward off future suitors :)

Somehow, I see this in his future.

Lia showed some skill in the "Whack-A-Duck" game. This did not surprise any of us :)

I think our birthday girl had a good day and we certainly had a great time celebrating her!


  1. Sorry we forgot in advance about your bday Caroline, maybe we can remember next time. Really cool bike! Do you have a bike rack on the van so you can bring it here and ride with us when it warms up a bit? The Sherrills

  2. Ah the joys of a birthday when you can ride your bike through the kitchen and not get in trouble...
    Yummy place to eat lunch! I like the Mellow Mushroom too!


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