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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Catching Up...

Where has the time gone???? Thirty days without a post...that's pitiful!

Here are a few pictures from the past month of the faces of those who have kept my hands busy, my head spinning, and my heart full....

We took the kids to the Tech game last week
when they were in town to play Duke.
We have a cheerleader outfit
but who knows where that is at this point?
I think she pulls off the jersey look pretty well though:)

Stylin' and profilin'

Playing a little football in the parking lot
with the boys while we tailgated.


My future orthodontist bills aside...I love the thumbsucking.

The pigtails are back! She just won't keep them in :(
Love it...

Still fascinated by pockets...

...and I'm always fascinated by what I find in them
when I do laundry :)

This is Lia's "pirate eye" should hear the "Aaarrgggghhh"
she has to go along with it. Too cute.

Princess tiara and microphone...think she likes attention?

We KNOW he likes attention :)

Enjoying a good book...

...and the last few days of summer.
Hopefully, the next post will come before Christmas!


  1. She is such a beauty!!! Lydia loves the football too... in fact ANY ball!! That is what happens when there are big brother's in the family!

  2. Hi Sweetie, I certainly have missed your blog updates. Great pictures and scripts as always. Looks like all enjoyed the game Saturday. Congrats. See You Soon. Love, Mom

  3. Your little Hokies look great! I know that we have a 2T cheerleading uniform around here somewhere, would your littlest fit into it?
    My little Hokies and I are sure looking forward to getting to meet you guys soon!

  4. Glad to see ya up and running on your post again... Slacker.. Just kidden...

  5. Always a treat to see what ya'll have been up to! Glad you made it to a Tech football game!


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