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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day and Da Bulls

As Labor Day weekend was upon us, we decided to take the kids out for a little pizza and baseball to enjoy the nice weather that we were having.

We started with a little pizza from the Mellow Mushroom in downtown Durham. The food was great and the outside dining was just what we needed when Lia had her pre-dinner meltdown.

Then we headed over to the stadium to watch the Durham Bulls play. It was almost sold out when we got tickets so we had to sit on the grassy knoll behind center field. Alex was camped out with his glove hoping for a home run to come his way.

And when Lia wasn't cheering the team on...

...she was focused on catching her own ball.

These two were quite a pair holding each other's hands as they strolled around the upper deck. Here, though, Lia is showing her independent streak...a rare occurence :)
Although, it's been fun checking out all the things there are to do in the area, it's still not the same as doing it with friends from home. Miss you all!


  1. We know you all miss every one back in Bridgewater alot. I hope each day will get easier and new friends will bring happy moments and lots of laughts. Love ya! Mom

  2. Okay, we need to hook up for one of those pizza/ball game nights! I'm still relatively new in this town myself...

  3. I hope you also know that people in Bridgewater are missing you guys too...and we don't have all the new cool stuff to be checking out. It is fun seeing what you are exploring in your new spot on this world, thanks for the blog updates amidst busy days/times. Actually we do have some fun stuff going here too, cross country in Elkton today! And, soccer @ Monger & Oakdale, we are missing you guys in all the old familiar places.

  4. I miss you too oh wait we have not met in person yet. but if we had I would be missen you lol

  5. We miss you guys, too! The baseball game looked like a lot of fun. I wish Alex had gotten that home run ball! We're praying for friends for you to enjoy all those cool new things to do with. God is faithful - He'll provide them!

  6. Looks like fun! Miss you all!

  7. Angela,
    I tried to send you an email and it came back...I would love to be in touch! Email me when you can. We miss your family so much! Cathy Daley


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