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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Haircut Day

One of the more challenging things about moving is replacing some of the things that we loved so much back in our hairdresser. (If any of you go to Styles Unlimited please tell Miss Laurie how much we miss her! )

So today was attempt #3 at finding a reasonable yet decent hairdresser for the kids. I can't say we succeeded in finding anything reasonably priced, but as you can see, the kids were well pampered during their time in the "chair."

We went to Peek-A-Doo's which is specifically for kids.
Alex got to sit in a car while watching "Cars" on DVD
as he got his hair cut.

He has SO much hair to cut AND he's so ticklish.
Yeah, I think he could get used to this place.

I've been trying to grow Lia's hair out so this was
her first haircut since coming home in March.

Any guesses as to what she might be thinking?
I'm going with "What the heck are you doing, lady?"

Now she's getting into it.

She opted for a boatride during her haircut.

The "pirate eye" is always a good sign that
things are going well.

She chose to watch "Dora" while getting her "do" done.
I can't complain too much because we had the whole salon to ourselves while we were there, so it was a very easy experience to take all 5 at once. But sadly, I think our days of $8 haircuts are now over.
Wonder if they make a "Haircutting for Dummies" book that I could purchase?


  1. Thanks so much for posting don't realize how much we enjoy getting pictures and up dates on what is going on down there. Way to go guys...What a neat way to get a haircut...Lindsey, Rachel, and even Brady will be so jealous...Love to All...Grandma

  2. You had regular $8 haircuts? Man, I'm jealous...
    by the way, your kiddos are so stinkin' cute in those cars and boats!


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