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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Two Years Old and All is Well

Lia visited her new doctor today and did great during the exam. She stepped on the scale, said "ah" when she was supposed to, and even let the doctor examine her without sitting in my lap. She checked out well and all the doctor recommended was an increase in her caloric intake (what would I give to have a doctor tell me that!) and more attempts at getting her to drink the dreaded white stuff (milk).
Unfortunately, she had to end this lovely visit with 3 shots and a TB test (hence the colorful array of band-aids in the picture). But after a lollipop from the nurse, she was on the mend.


  1. Mattiyn also hates milk but she will drink flavored milk in a box and she gets a string cheese every morning and a yogert everyday so we make up that milk thing.

  2. Sorry that your sweet baby had to endure shots today!
    Good luck with the milk ~ we still have issues figuring out ways to get calcium into our little guy!


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