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Monday, July 20, 2009

To the Rescue

This morning after breakfast Alex said, " arm hurts. I fink I need to watch a show."

He proceeded to show me his reduced range of motion complete with wincing and perfected pouty face.

His logic may be questionable but his timing was impeccable.
Still working on my first cup of cofffee, I was in a weakened state and easily overcome by his prowess.
Once again, it was up to Billy Blazes and Jake Justice to save the morning.
What would we do without our Rescue Heroes?


  1. Hi Angela, How sweet to know this is all it will take to ease Alex's pain on this Monday morning. Wonder if the same will happen on Tuesday. Give Alex and all our grandchildren a hug and kiss from Nana and Granddaddy. Wish I had some "Rescue Heroes" here. Love you, Mom

  2. Too cute!! Where have I heard that before?!!!

  3. Curiously, that's exactly the same lost range of motion and grimace I made while working on my shoulder exercises with him Saturday. Offer him a shot of cortisone in that shoulder next time and see what he says. I wish a rescue hero show would fix mine. :-)

    He's a quick study for sure,



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