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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Three Little Words...

Lia has always been a big imitator when it comes to actions and now the same can be said of her with language. Much to my delight, she began repeating the phrase "I love you" every time I said it to her today (and even some on her own).

This isn't her best work (she'd already said it about a dozen times before I got the camera out) but it's worth it just to hear her sweet little voice.

Don't you love her "look?" Bet I'll be seeing that face again many more times over the next oh, ten to twenty years :)


  1. OK...she gets more adorable every time I visit...oh my..this is tooooo precious! What a beautiful day indeed. Thanks for sharing made my day....

    Lisa A

  2. That is about the most precious ever! She is a doll and I can't wait until we get our little Lia home as well and I can hear those sweet little words again.

    Just wondering, was Lia part of her Chinese name? Our daughters first name is Li and we are still trying to decide upon a name, but like the name Lia to go along with our other daughter Tia.

  3. Suzette,

    No, Lia wasn't part of her Chinese name. Her middle name "Jiang" is what we kept. But there is a river that flows through her province (the Li Jiang) which translates to "beautiful river." So we turned Li into Lia and named her Lia Katherine Jiang.

  4. There isn't much sweeter than hearing a child begin to say I love you! And that look...
    Oh my goodness!

  5. Jada laughed when she saw that face, she said, "it looks like Jada!" And asked to watch it again!!

  6. We can't wait to see her (and everyone else) this weekend. Maybe she'll perform for us.

  7. Isn't modern technology wonderful (once I can begin learning how to use it)? The pictures and Lia speaking is just what grandparents long to see and hear. How adorable she is and how blest we all are. Love, Mom


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