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Friday, July 31, 2009

To Pack or Not to Pack...

After spending a week in NC trying to get the house ready to move into, we are now back home in VA and faced with the daunting task of beginning to pack. So, instead of facing reality, I'll post cute pictures Lia instead.

I walked around the corner the other day to find this...brings new meaning to the phrase "packing ammunition." She loves those guns.
Barbies? Nah. She's rather play laser tag.

Wish I had this one on video. She waited at the corner, scanned the area, and then bolted around the wall just like they do on TV.

OK, enough cuteness. Back to reality.


  1. I don't envy you the task of packing up. That was the worst weekend this summer (as we went to pack up our fully furnished house)! We're off to the beach soon, but do let me know when you move in if you need a few extra sets of hands!
    Fun pictures of Lia by the way!

  2. Maybe I should think about buying Lia some laser tag toys rather than dress up shoes for her birthday.... Hope packing goes well. Let me know if you want to send a couple of kids down. Help for you, help for me:)

  3. We think Lia is preparing for a future "CIA" position. You know Dad and I have moved enough not to envy your packing or moving (not just from city to city, but from state to state). How brave you all are!!! It is good to know what Lia might "need" for her birthday. Love ya all, Mom

  4. Too cute!! I'm SO sad you're leaving!


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