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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Weekend with Nana and Grandaddy

It wasn't too long ago that Nana and Grandaddy came up for a visit which meant all sorts of fun things for the kids:

Like making brownies with Nana.

They appear to be as good of a treat before they go into the oven as they are after they come out!

While waiting for the brownies to finish, they decided to play a game of Yahtzee out on the porch.

Then Alex wanted to help Grandaddy do a little mowing. Here they are on their 103rd trip around the yard.
Lia made it around once before signaling that she was "all done."
After that she decided she preferred hanging out with Nana.

Finally, Alex and Grandaddy take in a little BP while waiting for dinner.
He's a natural :)

All in all a very fun weekend!


  1. Ahh, sweet brownie batter memories...

    There's nothing like a weekend (or mid-week) visit from grandparents!


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