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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hangin' with the Big Boys

Lia loves to imitate what she sees going on around her. So yesterday morning, when Michael was playing laser tag with friends, she needed to get in on the action:
First, she covers her eyes, so that everyone can find a hiding spot.

Then she scans the area by looking left...

looking right...

...and nailing herself a Stuart!

And she seems quite happy about her accomplishment :)


  1. She looks so serious as she looks left and right. That is too cute!
    So when is moving day?

  2. This post rocks. She is too cute. Miss you all and love you! See you tomorrow


  3. Way to go Lia...There is no doubt that you can hang with the big guys. Keep up the good work..Love you all.. Grandma

  4. She is very Serious. How funny.

  5. Have a little something for you on my blog! Just give me a few more mins to work on it and then come by!


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