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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Patient

Last week she knocked out two of her four doctor's appointments. 
At the podiatrist's she charmed them with her easy going personality.
"Is she always this agreeable?" they inquired.
I pleaded the fifth.
Nonetheless, they got rid of that troublesome little spot on her toe without so much as a wimper from the little princess.

Between that and the miracle-medicine-in-a-tube prescribed by the dermatologist for her eczema, I have since determined that specialists are indeed worth the extra $10 on our co-pay.

And tomorrow night, the patient and I will be having a slumber party of our very own at the sleep center to check on her "snort."  It's a little problem she's developed due to the fact that her airway is the size of Rhode Island while her tonsils are the size of Texas.

Poor thing snores like a middle-aged man in a lazy boy during the fourth quarter of a Monday night football game.

Not sure how it will go with 28 various nodules hooked up to her to monitor her sleep.

One thing I've learned about this patient, though...
sleep or no sleep
she will be well accessorized.

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