Faith is deliberate confidence in the character of God whose ways you may not understand at the time ~Oswald Chambers

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

He Is More Than Enough

Maya continues to fight.

A surgery to remove her tumor is scheduled for sometime within the next 24 hours
pneumonia looms.
A diagnosis of pneumonia means no surgery.
And without the surgery, she won't survive.

And Alea.

Born 8 months ago.
Abandoned 3 months later.
Taken in by Love here just over 2 months ago.
Now this precious one, created in the image of her Maker, needs a new liver.
Without a transplant (and the money to fund it) she won't make it 10 months more.

In all honesty, it is overwhelming as our prayer list only seems to grow.

Too many sick babies.
Too many orphans.
Too many stalled adoptions.

The weight of it all bears down heavy and suffocates.

But praise God
praise God
He does not just give us hope for the day that is coming.
The day when sadness and sorrow will be no more.
The day when mercy triumphs and death is done once and for all.
Though that would be enough.
More than enough.

But His compassion is too tender.
His grace is too lavish.
Because of His great mercy,
He gives us glimpses of His glory here.

Not in spite of the difficulties
 but in the midst of them.

In the very things that hurt the most, we see Him.

And that glorious truth has been so beautifully displayed lately.
In the perseverance of this marriage
Through the pain of this diagnosis.

Oh, to trust Him through the tears.
To follow Him willingly into the darkness.
To say with our very lives "You, O Lord, are more than enough."
No matter the circumstances, You are more than enough.

This morning we plead for healing and successful surgeries for these babies.
We cry out for families to be united and orphans to come home.
We pray that funds would be raised,
lives would be saved,
and the hope of His coming kingdom would be glimpsed here on earth.

But above all,
above all,
we pray that You would bring glory to Your great name.

In these lives
In these circumstances
In all things

And may the weight of these burdens be beautifully eclipsed by the weight of Your great glory.

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