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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

To The Doctor We Will Go (and Go and Go and Go)

Took this pretty little thing to the doctor yesterday to check out a troublesome spot on her toe.
We left with the spot still there as well as...
a podiatrist appointment
a dermatologist appointment
a sleep study appointment
a speech therapy appointment

All are unrelated.
Except on my calendar.  On my calendar they are very related.

I think I may need to look into getting this sweet girl a personal assistant to help her get to all these appointments in a timely manner.
And the more I think about it...
having someone to dole out orders to will probably suit her blossoming "managerial personality" just fine.


  1. Oh my, that's a lot of appointments!!

  2. OH MY!!! We will not hear from you or see you for 6 months!!! And I thought you were the only one in that family who never had time for SLEEP...Love Ya!!!

  3. I'm curious because we've had issues with Anna too!

    We did speech, saw an ortho for flat feet and a cyst on her wrist, and an ENT for snoring.

  4. She also has a cross bite so an ortho consult is coming too! ;)



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