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Monday, April 9, 2012

Could It Get Any Easier?

Just found out today that LL Bean has backpacks on sale for $19.99.

And Free Shipping.

So if you were interested in purchasing one and shipping it for FREE to:

International Voice of the Orphan
3655 W. Anthem Way, Suite A-109-305
Phoenix, AZ 85086-2599 could do that. :)

And if you order over $50 worth of items there, use the code DUC0136 and get $10 off.

But if you choose to send a backpack this way, please still send your picture and letter separately to the same address above and they will do their best to match you with what you ordered.

The backpack will help meet their physical needs.

But your photo and your letter will speak volumes to their hearts.

Linny re-posted this picture from last year when clothes were purchased for the children for a special wedding they would attend and photos were sent along in the packages:

"Hours into the wedding feast festivities and this is what he was showing everyone... "his" family picture." she writes.

Look deep into those eyes.
And consider the magnitude of a simple gift of love.

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