Faith is deliberate confidence in the character of God whose ways you may not understand at the time ~Oswald Chambers

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Thank You!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

To all who donated.
And prayed.
And called.
And prayed.
And emailed.
And prayed.
And prescribed.
And prayed.

Here is the majority of what will be delivered (in 6 days) to precious little ones half a world away because of His great love towards them as displayed through your generosity!

  • 24 cans of formula for Rosie
  • 12 cans of PediaSmart formula
  • 4 bottles of prescription lactulose
  • several boxes of sugar-free medication and foods for those requiring special diets
  • and lots and lots and lots of nebulizers
We have 3 suitcases filled almost  to capacity.


In something completely unrelated to our trip to the "just so happens" that Love Without Boundaries is in need of someone to transport two child walkers to China by the first weekend in March to be used by one of their physical therapists there.  The therapist will be working with a couple of LWB's precious little ones who will be receiving some much needed therapy by using these walkers.

Well, we "just so happen" to be going to China the first weekend in March.

And we "just so happen" to have "just enough" room left in one of our suitcases and "just enough" weight capacity to spare to take two child walkers with us.

So by Thursday we should receive the walkers in the mail.
And into the suitcase they'll go.
Without a minute,
or a pound,
or an inch to spare.

I so love how He does things like that.

Thanks again to you all!


  1. Awesome, just plain awesome. Sitting here in awe of our great Provider. Bless you and your family Angela for being "available" to God's using you.

  2. So, so excited to see how God uses you guys! Please do share your experiences!!!

  3. Praise God!! I have to ask, do you know if one of the walkers is for the little girl named Cherry? We donated toward that. How cool to see the other end of your donation! God is so good!!


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