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Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Sweet Surprise...

I was getting the little ones ready for bed this evening when I noticed them.

The first one I saw was posted ever so subtly on the bottom left-hand corner of Lia's bathroom mirror.

A few minutes later I found the one in Alex's bathroom.

Two teeny-tiny, gender-specific, age appropriate chore charts for my two non-readers to help them get themselves ready for the day.

So cute.
So creative.
So not my idea.

No, this was not my doing.

This was not even my suggestion.

This was Lauren's idea from start to finish.  She even explained it to them and they are loving it.

 Seriously, sometimes I just don't know what I would do without that girl!


  1. maybe, just maybe you could let me borrow her for a bit. I promise not to keep her too long!

  2. Sorry I am just getting caught up with the blog. But I, too, feel the same - Lauren can always put a loving smile on my face and in my heart. Are you certain she couldn't come here for a W H I L E!!!! Love to all, Nana

  3. Um, Lauren, I'll totally take two boy versions and two girl versions.


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