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Saturday, July 9, 2011

And We Are....

With swimming.
For the summer.
{Enter sigh of relief}.

After 2 long
(and crowded)
(and VERY warm)
days at the UNC natotorium watching the kids compete in their league's end of the year championship meet,

But even though it was long
(and crowded)
(and VERY warm),
it was so fun to see how the kids had progressed this summer.
Lily, who started swimming on the swim team after a total of 2 whole swim lessons, finished 1st in her heat.
She swam her little heart out and we were all SO proud of her.
(Grandma and Nana....these videos are for you).
WARNING:  Possible obnoxious parent cheering for daughter during clip.....

(Only had my camera phone for this one.  She's second from top.)

And then there was Alex.
Who had a very "Alex-like" end to his season.
He finished his heat in 2nd place.
We saw it from the stands.
We saw it on the score board.
And yet....
From way down on the pool deck, as he is walking back to his teams' spot...
He turns.
Flashes that golden boy smile of his.
And waves a ribbon given to those who finish first in their heat.

After the meet, I asked him.
So how did you get a ribbon?
And in typical Alex fashion he responded...
"There was a hand."
"Sticking out from the crowd."
"With a ribbon."
He had no idea what place he finished.
All he knew was somebody was handing him a ribbon.
Carpe ribbon.
It's just how he rolls.


My only hope is that the little guy who actually did win the heat was compensated for the mix-up by getting a ribbon of his own.

And then today after sitting through 1,235 various heats of 9-12 year olds, we were able to watch Caroline swim.
Just me and Scott.
Well, almost alone.
We were still surrounded by 700+ other folks.
But since none of them were our children, we call that a date.

Anyway, Caroline had worked so hard this summer to improve on her time.
She made every morning practice (and sometimes evening practices too).
She'd even work on her own sometimes while everyone else was having fun at the pool.
So when it came time for her events, we were so happy to cheer her on.
'Cause she'd worked so hard.
And 'cause she's really cute.

And in her butterfly heat, when she had to come from behind, she gave it her all.

She's second from the bottom. 
The cute one in purple.
Just sayin'   :)

So proud of her and all of them.
And so ready for a shower and a nap.


  1. Hi My Sweet and VERY ATHLETIC grandchildren. I am so proud of you and the accomplishments you have made. Now when you come to see me, you can show Nana how it should be done. Love to all of you!!!!Nana

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! What a wonderful job guys...we are so very proud of you!!! Lily you are amazing...Alex you are unbelievable...And Caroline...WOW!!!So happy and proud for you...GREAT JOB EVERYONE!!! Love Ya!!!

  3. That is amazing! To think how only a short time ago she was never even in the water.....incredible my friend, simply incredible.

  4. :] That is AWESOME! I know you are super proud. Sounds like they all did great.

  5. WOW!!! I know you are SO proud of all of them. Caroline and are A M A Z I N G!! We are so proud of you. And, Alex...congratulations!! I'm so glad you came home with a ribbon! Love you all!

  6. I have to tell you I was tearing up watching the video of Lily! What a fantastic job she did!

    I watched 11 basketball games over 4 days (with 11 hours of driving) that my son (age 8) played in. While it was very trying to keep a 1 yr old entertained all that time I am so glad we never missed a game! Our swimming comes up in August...then piano and gymnastics begins anew.

    I wouldn't change a thing though!


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