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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Those Crazy Kids...

My kids LOVE their ripsticks.

If it's a nice day, if there is pavement available, and especially if there is a hill in the vicinity, they will be on their ripsticks.

Shoes are optional.

Sometimes they will attempt the "triple threat" by linking hands and synchronizing their skating.

It always makes for some side-splitting...



...breath-taking moves.

And if there are side-splitting, twisting-turning, eye-popping breath-taking moves going on, you know who is going to attempt some of their own...

It's only a matter of time.


  1. Great job guys, looks like loads of fun...I love that move'll be a natural...Move over Lia, I want to ride with you..Love to All!!

  2. Oh my, I would be so nervous with the older ones holding hands like that! But it looks like they really enjoy one another's company!
    By the way, guess who assisted in Darcy's surgery and conducted the first part of our follow up visits? Megan F from your church. Small world, isn't it?
    Now we really must remedy the fact that we still haven't met...


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