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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Found these two in the pantry the other morning happily consuming all things carbohydrate...

I admire their ingenuity. Why bother dragging everything 3 feet over to the counter when you can just plop down right where you are? Save your energy for the next great adventure, you know?

It didn't take long, however, before someone realized that my arrival upon the scene meant an end to the impromptu snack time....

And just for the record, the pink shirt is Lia's pajama shirt that she insisted on wearing over her regular shirt.

Just in case an impromptu nap arises I suppose.


  1. I seem to remember those two sneaking snacks in the pantry back in your old house, what good memories they have - what worked before will probably work again. At least you had snacks available, good work. As for location, wouldn't you rather just sweep the pantry than also have to wipe a counter and sweep underneath?!

  2. I have several posts back when Kylie was about 18 months of her raiding the pantry ~ before we got the door handle thingies. And what is the deal with the pajama shirts? Cause my girls do the same thing from time to time.
    Cuteness in your pantry, that's for sure!


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