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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Family of Her Own: Holly's Story

Meet Holly.

This beautiful girl loves to paint her nails and show off her new hairstyle.

She loves to learn new things and share what she's learned with others.

She gives love as readily as she receives it.  And oh how she loves to receive it.

She has blossomed under the care of some amazing people and she desires a family of her own.

With each passing birthday, Holly's chance of being adopted grows smaller and smaller.

Here are some sobering words by one who knows her well:

Regularly, adoption agencies visited Holly’s orphanage, hand-picking children to place into adoptive families. But Holly was never picked. Monthly, Holly’s orphanage prepared adoption paperwork for children in their care. Holly’s paperwork was never prepared. Nothing was done that would enable Holly to be adopted, because no one ever thought that a family would chose her to be their daughter.

But we believe that “everybody” is wrong. We believe that there is a family out there for Holly. They just haven’t found her yet.

And I believe it too.
Would you consider helping to advocate for this beautiful girl by reading her story, praying for her, and helping to spread the word.

What a blessing it would be to play a part in helping to give this sweet girl the desire of her heart.
A family of her own.

For more information on Holly please contact

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  1. Hi, Angela,
    We traveled together in Jan/11 to get our girls. I had a question about the trip you made to the orphanage last March. If you get this, can you email me?
    Thanks! Angie


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